Video duration:  4:25  Publisher: HistoricRacingHD

We’re almost done with featuring all the Le Mans Classic grids! This time it’s Grid 3 which makes its appearance on the channel. With the epic Ferrari 250 GT Breadvan, a Porsche 550 Spyder, Lister Costins and much more this grid has a lot to offer.

One of the beautiful things about the Le Mans Classic is that these drivers are not coming all the way to France to cruise around the most legendary race track in the world. They are coming to race. It’s lovely to see how they are pushing these classic race cars to the absolute max and are doing everything they can to keep the under- and oversteer under control.

The beauty of the Le Mans Classic is undescribable. Returning home after that weekend feels like stepping back into reality.

With that being said we hope you enjoyed yet another video! We’ll make sure to keep them coming, so you make sure to keep watching! Thank you very much for watching and as always: See you at the track!

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