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Recently we came across this beautiful Intermeccanica Indra Spider 1972 at The Gallery in Brummen, The Netherlands. We took the car for a little spin! We love to hear your comments on our videos. Feel free to leave one!

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The Indra was presented at the Geneva Automobile Show and was Intermeccanica’s most successful car yet.

Between 1971 and 1974, 125 Indras in three variants, convertible, notchback coupe and fastback coupe were developed and built. In 1973 the Indra was presented at the New York Automobile Show, again with many orders taken and distributorship for U.S. set up. At this stage GM changed policy and stopped supplying both the Chevrolet engines and the Opel parts, as well as advising their Opel dealers in Germany that they were no longer to sell the Indras, with disastrous results for Intermeccanica. Distributor Erich Bitter developed a very similar replacement, the Bitter CD, built by Baur.

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