When was the last time you saw a 1950 Nash Rambler Landau TV commercial? The correct answer: Never. Never, that is, until now.

Once again we burrowed into the Torq-O Media Archive (without disturbing the Balrog!) and pulled out the only known copy of this unseen-since-1950 commercial.

We bring you this automotive plum to encourage you to check out Aaron Severson’s auto history web site “Ate Up With Motor” (www.ateupwithmotor.com). Like me, I hope you’ll find his recent story “Ramble and Roll: the Compact Nash Rambler” a succinct and fascinating read.

You’ll also find this commercial embedded in his story. (Can’t get that in Hemmings, can you?)

Rex Barrett takes us for a ride in his 1951 Nash Rambler AirFlyte convertible. Some describe this automobile as being frighteningly cute.

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