Video duration:  1:17:47  Publisher: Hagerty

Jan., 19, 2017, at 11:00am. (EST)

The collector car market fluctuates causing prices to change. What’s ahead for 2017? Get the inside scoop from the guys who know: our panel of collector car valuation experts will share their personal picks for 2017, from entry level collector cars to higher end sports and performance machines.

• WAYNE CARINI is the host of Chasing Classic Cars, as well as a collector and dealer of classic and high performance cars

• DAVE KINNEY is an ASA appraiser and publisher of The Hagerty Price Guide

• BRIAN RABOLD, Hagerty’s vice president of valuation services, is deeply involved with Hagerty’s valuation tools and The Hagerty Price Guide

• COLIN COMER The founder of Colin’s Classic Automobiles in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Colin also authored many critically acclaimed automotive books

What vehicles would these car guys buy for investment potential and which ones are best for using and enjoying? You’ll find out at this seminar!

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